Lash Growth Cycle


Everybody have different eye shapes and different growth cycles, obviously. Most of us have 80-160 natural lashes on the upper eye lash line. Some people have 3-6 rows per eye. Which gives the fluffy affect because lash techs are able to “layer” your extensions. It’s normal for you to lose lash extensions 3-5 days after your service. Again, everybody lash cycle or growth cycle is different. You can lose up to 20% of your natural lashes every two weeks (1-5 natural lashes daily). Although, we may not see our natural lashes fall out every time it doesn’t mean they’re not shedding. It’s definitely more noticeable when you have extensions.  


Yes, lash shedding is year round. However, in the spring most of us notice more shedding. This is because of the two reasons, it’s allergy season and/or because our body is trying to adjust to the warmer temperatures. Which leads to more oil production from the humidity and high temperatures. As we should all know that those two factors doesn’t go well with extensions because of the glue.

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